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Heatable Cuddly Giraffe Buddiezzz

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These little creatures with their removable gel pouch are a must-have in the Buddiezzz collection. The cute animals help to soothe your little one's aches and pains. When it is warm- the gel pack soothes stomach aches and when it is cold- it soothes insect bites or sunburn. To heat: put the pouch (without the soft toy) in the microwave at 1000 W for 15 seconds. To cool: put the pouch in the fridge for 1 hour-


  • Adorable soft toy with movable head and gel pack inside- can be used hot or cold to naturally soothe your child
  • Practical and versatile: relieves stomach ache when hot; relieves insect bites- sunburn or fever when cold
  • Easy to use: when hot- heat the gel pack in the microwave (15 seconds at 1000 W)- when cold: place the bag in the refrigerator for 1 hour
  • Safe and easy to care for: removable pouch containing a non-toxic gel- machine washable at 30°C after removing the pouch

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