Our Story

Creating an environment in which your baby can romp around carefree for hours, learn while playing and be cared for in all comfort. That has been the driving force behind Nattou since 1988. We transform every room into a true paradise for you and your baby!

Who are we?

Nattou is a Belgian brand of baby products that has specialised in the production of high-quality cuddly toys, educational toys, practical accessories and essentials for over 30 years. Through a thorough R&D we respond to the contemporary needs of babies and parents, taking into account the latest fashion trends and European regulations.

Our Cute Collections - Designed in Belgium

Every year we release two to three new collections. Our Nattou collections are always created around two unique characters. A timeless character that is a guaranteed success with your little one, and a hip, surprising character that gives every baby room a fashionable touch and enriches the range of baby articles.

Vegan Baby cuddlies, toys and accessories

Nattou is a Vegan brand. This means  that we don’t use any animal materials and that we don’t conduct tests on animals. In this way we contribute not only to animal welfare, but also to reducing global warming!

When designing our collections, we always remain true to our 4 core values


A Nattou cuddly, doudou or other toy for your baby, they are best friends for every adventure and comforters in difficult moments. We believe that your baby's favourite cuddly and other accessories should last for years and therefore we carefully choose the used materials, product designs and production possibilities. With Nattou you can rest assured throughout your baby's entire life phase.

Safety and security

The design of each individual toy, the selected materials and cuts, the processing and even the packaging are carefully checked so they always comply with the European safety regulations. Enjoy parenthood to the fullest and the moments that really count, without having to worry about your child's safety.


Baby products should not only look beautiful, they should also be practical! With a keen eye for detail our baby toys are equipped with many grasping possibilities tailored to the delicate fingers of your little one. We are always looking for innovative solutions to make the care and handling of your baby easier. We are inspired by the daily obstacles of parents and listen to the stories of our customers. This has led for example to the development of our sleeping bags with side zips and a shoulder button so that nappies can be changed easily.


Every mother and father wants the best for their child. We also believe that your baby should get all the chances to develop and thrive. Nattou attaches great importance to the design of every baby product so that it also has an educational function. Our play mats contain many details and grip possibilities that will benefit your child's motoric development and our handy silicon tableware sets with suction cup offer the possibility to teach your child independence. Together we invest in your child's future!