Just pregnant or about to become a parent? Then a changing pad is most likely on your wish list. It is an essential accessory for changing the nappy, grooming, washing or dressing your baby. Choosing a good changing mat is important: it increases your baby's comfort and also makes your daily care routine easier.

Washing cushion or dressing cushion

A changing mat is also known as a washing or dressing cushion. You can use it both to wash and dress your baby and as a changing mat to change your baby. However, some changing cushions are more suitable as washing or dressing cushion.

Think about what you will use the changing mat for. Will you use it only as a changing mat or will you also wash your child on it? This will determine which features will weigh the most below.

4 crucial aspects when choosing a changing mat

Dimensions of the changing pad

A changing pad has standard dimensions of 70 cm long, 50 cm wide and 10 cm high that will fit on most commodes. But please note! These dimensions can sometimes vary. So make sure your dresser has a little space left to install your changing or washing cushion and essential items on it.

Thickness of the changing mat

The optimum thickness varies between 8 and 12 cm. The desired comfort, portability and storage option of the changing mat determine the best thickness to choose. A thin changing mat is easy to carry and store, but it offers less cushioning and support than a thicker one. So choose a thickness of at least 10 cm. That way, your baby will be comfortable while changing and the neck will be sufficiently supported.

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Changing pad with or without cover

Changing nappies, a daily task that is sometimes a real chore. A changing mat like Softy, which can be used without a cover, is no luxury. With a changing mat without a cover, you don't have to wash the cover or buy disposable covers every time you change. This not only saves you time and work, but also money on matching covers. In addition, a changing mat without a cover is more suitable for use as a wash cushion because otherwise the cover gets soaked. In some cases, the foam is waterproof and can be easily cleaned. This type of changing mat is a bit more expensive than a changing mat with cover, but on average it lasts longer.

A changing mat with cover can feel warmer and softer for the baby than one without a cover. It is generally lighter and can easily be taken on trips, to the grandparents or friends. On the other hand, the light weight and less robust material can make the changing pad slide more easily and can also make it less comfortable for the baby. This type of nursing cushion is therefore mostly used for outings.

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Choose raised edges

Safety above all else! With a changing mat, high raised edges are a must, as your little hoodie usually does not lie still when washing, dressing or changing. In addition, it also prevents water or less fun liquids from running off the changing mat.

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Material of the changing mat

The material of a changing mat is best water-repellent. This saves you a lot of inconvenience while washing or changing your baby. For a changing mat without a cover, choose a foam that is firm but still soft and warm to the touch. That way, your baby will be comfortable and you can change your son or daughter easily. With a changing mat with cover, the fabric of the cover is important. The range of changing mat covers varies in thickness and some are splash-proof.

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So, are you still looking for a suitable diaper changing pad for your baby? Be sure to take these 5 features to look for a changing diaper pad into account:

  • The standard dimensions 70x50x10 cm suffice in most cases
  • A thickness of 10 cm provides sufficient support and cushioning
  • A changing pad without cover is generally more user-friendly and durable
  • Choose high raised edges for extra safety and comfort
  • Choose water-repellent material that is sturdy yet pleasant to the touch