Nattou goes Vegan

We are proud that animal rights organisation PETA has acknowledged Nattou as a Vegan certified company. As a pioneer in baby cuddles, toys, bed textiles, accessories and essentials we also want to be an example others to eliminate animals from their production process.

What does this quality mark mean?

From 2022 onwards, Nattou is vegan certified and the brand gets a PETA-Approved Vegan logo. This label indicates that our baby products do not contain any animal materials and that product tests are not conducted on animals.

By doing so Nattou joins PETA's project to address animal welfare in the textile sector. Every year millions of animals suffer and die for clothing and accessories. This often happens in appalling conditions involving mutilation and mistreatment. Animals are locked up in small cages and often die after a long death struggle. Therefore, wool, leather and other common animal materials were excluded from our production process from the very beginning.

Our responsibility goes far beyond baby safety

Nattou's responsibility does not stop with the safety of babies and their parents. We want to contribute to solve ethical and ecological problems that are close to our hearts. Banning animals from the production process not only benefits the animals themselves, it also contributes to reducing global warming.

Our cute and fluffy collections are all created around animals. For us, they are a source of inspiration and a way of integrating their unique character and features into our products. However, Animals must not fall victim to the textile industry.

Find out more about the PETA-Approved Vegan logo and their fight against animal cruelty for commercial purposes here.