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Night Light Silicone

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For sweet dreams and gently falling asleep: The LED night light by Nattou is the ideal companion in everyday life with babies and children. Thanks to voice activation- it switches on for 15 minutes when the baby cries and then lights up alternately in 7 soothing colours in 4 adjustable light intensities. The silicone bunny also feels super soft and doesn't get hot. It is the ideal bedside lamp for the baby and children's room.


  • Cute night light with 7 soothing LED colours in 4 adjustable light intensities- Up to 12 hours operating time.
  • Change of colour by moving back and forth- Voice activation e.g. when the child cries- Safe: No heating of the LED light - perfect for children
  • Brand quality: High-quality- BPA-free silicone- matt and soft surface
  • Easy to clean: Surface washable with soap and water- Rechargeable with USB cable

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