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Set Balls 2 Silicone

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The two coloured silicone balls are both a teething ring and a rattle: as a soft teething ring- they accompany babies and toddlers through their first teeth. The roughened In addition- a gentle massage of the gums relieves unpleasant toothache. As a rattle- the two balls are the ideal size for little hands and fingers. The many holes- individual elements and different textures are fun to play with and help develop the sense of touch. The silicone balls can be nested inside each other and are both functional companions and fun toys for home and away.


  • Silicone teething ring with rough surface for massaging the gums and relieving toothache
  • 2 different sizes of silicone balls that are easy for baby's tiny hands to grasp- a fun toy that is ideal for on the go
  • Quality assurance: High-quality silicone- BPA-free- Ideal for children- Soft material with different textures to stimulate the sense of touch
  • Easy to care for: washable with water and soap- the balls can be pushed together to save space

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